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2009-12-09 23:21:15 by SwampWater

Some people on NG really annoy the hell out of me, simply because they have no sign of a brain or an ability to use it if they did. I posted a review of a terrible game, that was shoddily made and not only was a half-assed attempt at making a game with the use of an RPG makers sprites, but also had the balls to have an option for people to PAY for in-game items.

Here's my review:
"Sorry but I could make a better game with RMVX, which you used to make this program. There is a site for posting your games made in RMVX, and there are some truly great ones, but NONE of them have the cheek to add a button to BUY in-game coins. Disappointing."

And the reply from the Author:
"Lol, sorry for my languaje but you dont know how tha fuck this flash games works.You CANT make a flash game with RMVX you little idiot, so stfu...noob"

I didn't say you could make a flash game WITH RMVX, I said it was used to make this game - the sprites from it were used, pretty much every graphic used in this game was from RMVX was in fact. I know how his flash game works, and it's just an atrocious game. I know the difference between flash and RMVX. I also know the difference between a good game and a bad one, this was the latter. I also know that one of the way his game "works" is to tempt people into paying for a game that realistically ANYONE with basic knowledge of flash and RMVX could make. Like I said, there's plenty of games LIKE this for free that have used RMVX, they're not flash, but who cares? There's no HUGE difference. Some people are idiots. The End.